Top Workplace for Women : We have been hearing about frequent incidents of discrimination and harassment of women employees in companies. In such a situation, the discussion about better workplace for women is often intense. There is talk of giving women a better and safer workplace all over the world. Where women are trying to achieve a new position every day and are working harder than others to prove themselves, they must get a good and safe workplace, where they can work without any fear and inconvenience. Due to the condition of gender discrimination and harassment in the workplace, she often changes jobs. Women should get equal rights in which they do not have to face problems regarding gender discrimination and safety. Looking at all these situations, Great Place to Work conducts a survey every year in which it releases a list of the best workplaces for women. In the same way, this year also a list of India's best workplace for women has been released. Which we will share with you in today's article. Click on to get more information about work for women.

What is a Great Place to Work?

>Let us first know what is Great Place to Work? It is a global authority focused on building and maintaining a high-trust, high-performance culture in workplaces. This authority conducts a survey every year in which it releases a list of companies that provide the best working environment to their employees.

Similarly, there is also a survey for women, in which it releases a list of companies that provide better workplace for women employees. Great Place to Work India implemented a very robust methodology in this year's survey to find the best workplaces for women. An attempt was made to know their experience by talking to each organization participating in this survey. The survey is conducted through a research based framework which aims to ensure that gender equality among all employees working in the company is well established. Great Place to Work India conducted a survey among 1,122 companies in India, in which the list of top 100 has been released. Which has been released after many criteria and research.

Eligibility Criteria for Evaluation of Survey of Companies

  • Women employees constitute at least 10% of the workforce.
  • Women employees sharing at least 70% positive feedback on the Trust Index assessment, i.e. the Great Place to Work Institute's globally renowned framework used to measure employee experience.
  • Eligible organizations were further assessed on workplace experience of women, (binary) gender equality experience and representation across levels.

Top 10 companies in India with best workplace for women

1. Accenture Solutions Pvt Ltd Information Technology
2. Cisco Systems India Pvt Ltd Information Technology
3. Ford Motor Private Limited (Ford Business Solution) Others
4. H&R Block (India) Private Limited Information Technology
5. HP Information Technology
6. Pitney Bowes India Private Limited Information Technology
7. Salesforce Information Technology
8. Synchrony International Services Pvt Ltd Financial Services & Insurance
9. Thoughtworks Information Technology
10. VOIS Information Technology
In this list of top 10, 8 institutes are of information technology which provides safe and better working environment to women. Apart from this, HDFC Life Insurance Company, Flipkart Internet Pvt Ltd, PwC and Myntra Design Pvt Ltd are included in the top 50 list.
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