Shiksha Mitra News – Shiksha Mitra Scheme was started in the year 2001 to strengthen primary education and to meet the shortage of teachers. Under this scheme, the Uttar Pradesh government had appointed intermediate pass youths to the post of Shiksha Mitra to meet the shortage of teachers in their primary schools and to improve education. In other states of India, sub-teachers have been appointed like this scheme, such as: Shiksha Karmi in Madhya Pradesh, Shiksha Sevak in Maharashtra.

Shiksha Mitra-Education Qualification

In order to achieve the goal of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan by the State Governments, under this scheme, Shikshamitras were appointed on contractual basis in 2000 in rural and in 2006 in urban areas to teach intermediate passed boys and girls in their village or nearby schools. it was done. These Shikshamitras were selected by the Village Education Committees. Whose president was the village head. Shikshamitras are trained in the respective school for 11 months. Selected contract teachers are given training from the concerned District Education and Training Institute.

Shiksha Mitra Manadey

Shiksha Mitra Manday was initially fixed by the government at Rs 2250, which was increased to Rs 3500 from 2006. Shiksha Mitra Salary has been increased due to picketing by Shiksha Mitras from time to time. Now Shiksha Mitra Manday in Uttar Pradesh is Rs 10000.

Shiksha Mitra Samayojan

The ruling Samajwadi Party of Uttar Pradesh, in its manifesto for the state assembly elections in 2012, had promised to appoint Shiksha Mitras as permanent teachers. Samajwadi Party, keeping the promise made in its manifesto, made some education friends as Shiksha Mitra Samayojan on the post of assistant teacher. This made Shiksha Mitron happy and his salary also increased. But this happiness did not last long. The case of Shiksha Mitras went to the court. On September 12, 2015, the Allahabad High Court canceled the recruitment of 1 lakh 72 thousand Shiksha Mitras to the post of assistant teachers. After this, on July 25, the Supreme Court has canceled 1.30 lakh Shiksha Mitra Samayojan.

Shiksha Mitra Latest News

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