Cloud Computing: Technology has a special contribution in this era of the Internet. Today we are going to talk about this technology. Its name is "cloud computing". Today we will know in this article "What is Cloud Computing What Is Cloud Computing In Hindi". Where and how is it used. How many types of cloud computing are there? What are its advantages and disadvantages. Apart from this, you will also know how cloud computing is used in business.

Let me tell you, cloud computing is a very big technology, about which it is very important to know. Talking about cloud computing, it is a type of server on which data is uploaded. Which we can access from anywhere in the world. So let's know what is Cloud Computing.

What is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is technology which is called cloud computing in Hindi. With the help of this technology, you can store data and access that data from anywhere through computer, mobile, tablet. Let us tell you, cloud computing is an on-demand self-service which means that it provides data to you according to your needs. Through cloud computing(kya hai Cloud Computing), you can easily share the smallest and the largest file store.

How Cloud Computing Works

Special types of middleware software are used to connect computers and devices with cloud computing (cloud computing kaise kam karta hai). This software works on Dual Layers Technology. Where a special type of layer works to manage the server, which is called Back End layer. There is another and a different layer that works for the client, which is called the Front End layer. By combining these two layers, Cloud Couputing Server is prepared. Which is called cloud computing. Cloud Computing Service Provider also uses many advanced techniques to reduce problems like data security and malware etc.

Cloud Service Provider Companies

1. Google Cloud Platform
2. Microsoft Azure
3. Azure Cloud
4. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
5. Netflix Cloud
6. IBM Cloud Services
7. Alibaba Cloud
8. Rackspace Cloud Services
9. DigitalOcean Cloud Services
10. Red Hat Cloud Services
11. Oracle cloud
12. VMware Cloud

Examples of Cloud Computing

At present, Cloud Computing Technology is very famous, which is being used the most. Today, through this article, we are going to tell only a few examples of cloud computing which are being used in the world.

Google - Cloud Computing was mostly used in Google's products. The best example of cloud computing is Google Drive, Gmail, Photos, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Docs etc. Which are hosted on some server of Google. Which you can easily access, only you should have a good internet service available.

YouTube: As you know YouTube is the best video sharing platform in the world. Millions of videos are uploaded to Google U YouTube every day. YouTube uses cloud computing technology to store this data.

Facebook: You all know that Facebook is the best Messenger App in the world. You can upload videos, photos, and short videos etc. by login Facebook account. All this data is on Cloud Storage. Which you can easily access from anywhere.

Website: If you create a website, then you have to host it. All Website Hosting Companies Uses Cloud Computing. Using which you can host your website.

Emails: Email service provider companies (Gmail, Rediff, Yahoo and Microsoft etc.) also use cloud computing. Because the data of email is very high, therefore cloud computing has been considered better for email service.

Uses of Cloud Computing

At present, due to the increasing utility of the Internet, the use of cloud computing is increasing. Because in today's time everything has become online. Let us tell you, we all use cloud computing somewhere in our daily life. So today we will know through this article what is the use of cloud computing. Let us know the uses of cloud computing –

1. File Storage
2. Social Networking
3. Software Testing and Development
4. Big Data Analytics
5. Data Backup and Archiving
6. Communication
7. Video Streaming Platform

Types of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing technology is divided into four parts on the basis of function. Whose details are given below. So let's know the types of cloud computing (cloud computing ke prakar)-

1. Public Cloud Computing: - This service of cloud computing can be known by its name. The service provider manages the cloud computing service. To use this service, the user has to pay less. Some companies provide this service for free. The main examples of Public Cloud Computing are AWS and Microsoft Azure.

2. Private Cloud Computing: - It is clarifying itself by its name, the service provided by it is stored on a private cloud network. For this, the user has to pay a lot as per the requirement. You cannot share this with anyone. It gives you complete security of your data.

3. Community Cloud Computing: - It works like a group. Such cloud computing networks are made in big offices, in which the entire office is connected. Cannot add outsider to this network. This type of network is called Community Cloud Computing network.

4. Hybrid Cloud Computing: - Hybrid Cloud computing is made by combining Public Cloud and Private Cloud. Information on any website or portal on Hybrid Cloud computing is for registered people, who can login and extract information from the website, and some information is publicly available on the website.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Till now we have discussed what is cloud computing through this article? Have to go and got acquainted with other important information about it. But right now we do not know about what are the benefits of cloud computing. In this part of the article, we will know what are the advantages of cloud computing. So let's know the advantages of cloud computing without wasting time

Advantages of Cloud Computing

1. Cloud users can get the service of unlimited storage. Which can be used easily.
2. Cloud user can store documents, videos, photos, audios, files etc. in the cloud, which can be used from anywhere and anytime. It can increase the storage capacity.
3. If you are seeing a shortage of storage, then you can increase cloud storage at a low cost at any time.
4. After storing the data on cloud storage, you can easily take a backup of the entire data.
5. Cloud users can also access their cloud computing with the help of a smartphone.
6. There is no need to keep any kind of hard drive with you to receive or access cloud data. You can access the data stored in the cloud in any part of the world with the help of internet only.
7. It does not cost much to maintain cloud computing.
8. Data on cloud computing is completely secure, for this the cloud computing service provider provides many advanced services.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

After knowing cloud computing, now it is time to know what are the disadvantages of cloud computing. So let's know the Disadvantages of Cloud Computing.

1. Good internet will be required to access cloud computing.
2. You will not be able to access your data without internet
3. The cloud computing environment is completely managed by the cloud service provider.
4. If you leave the cloud service provider you are doing it, you may have to pay more money to other cloud service provider.

Cloud Computing Courses

If you are thinking of making a career in Cloud Computing, then there is a golden opportunity in this field. Because the coming time is of cloud computing only. That's why we are going to give below information about some cloud computing courses for you. Which you can do online or offline in any way

Certificate, Diploma Course in Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing with AWS
Recent Advances in Network and Cloud Security
PG Certificate Program in Cloud Computing
Advanced Certification in DevOps & Cloud Computing
Advanced Certification in Cloud & DevOps
FDP on Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing and DevOps
Career Scope in Cloud Computing

At present, cloud computing remains the first choice of the youth. Apart from India, the demand for cloud computing is increasing day by day in foreign countries as well. Youth can improve their career by doing cloud computing course. You can get a job in any Indian or foreign company by doing cloud computing course. Cloud computing experts are in high demand in other big companies like Google, Microsoft, HCL and Wipro. If you take an MSc degree in cloud computing, you can get a job abroad as well.

Jobs and Salary in Cloud Computing

After doing cloud computing course, you can get jobs in various fields. After doing cloud computing course, you can get job in the positions of Data Analyst, Cloud Architect, Cyber Security Specialist, Cloud Computing Engineer, Cloud Network Engineer. Here you can get 30-35 thousand months in the initial days. As your experience increases, your salary will increase as well.

Google Cloud Developer Salary

After doing cloud computing course, if you get the job of Google Cloud Developer in Google, then you can get salary from 2.5 to 4 lakh rupees per month. Your salary will increase with experience.

Cloud Computing - FAQ

Q1. What is cloud computing?
Ans. Cloud computing is a type of cloud storage on which a person can keep his personal information and data such as photos, videos, music, documents, etc. uploaded safely. Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud etc. are the best examples of cloud storage.
Q2. Is cloud computing good for career?
Ans. Yes, cloud computing is a better option as a career, which is in high demand. As the dependence on remote access is increasing, so is the demand for cloud computing. The need for IT experts is also increasing day by day. So in this sense it is a better career option.
Q3. What is the use of cloud computing?
Ans. Industries and organizations are using cloud computing for a variety of tasks. such as data backup, disaster recovery, email, virtual desktops, software development and testing, big data analytics, and customer-facing web applications

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