Top Schools in Indore: Indore is a city of Madhya Pradesh which is also known as Education Hub. Where most of the people from all over the country come to study for IITs and IIMs. Indore is a metropolitan city called the financial capital of Madhya Pradesh. Most of the students come to this city to pursue their dreams for studies or in search of jobs.

Let us tell you that Indore is the only city where both IIT and IIM are present. Not only the colleges of Indore but the schooling is also top notch. This place is an educational metropolitan center as well as a beautiful tourist spot which attracts tourists and business from everywhere and business from everywhere. With its picturesque waterfalls and grand palaces, it is the best place to study.

Top 10 Schools in Indore

As we have told you that the level of education in Indore city is very good. There are very good schools and colleges for studies here, due to which many students come here for their studies. Today we will tell you about the top schools in Indore in this article.

1. Emerald Heights International School

The biggest USP of this school is diversity. Along with a wonderful environment, this school supports your child with all the best facilities that you can imagine for your child. There is a separate laboratory for each class and an in-campus Science Park which helps in developing the inherent talent of the child. Fancy and intensive exposure as this school is a sure shot recipe for success for your child. Though Emerald Heights International School is expensive, it is over the top facilities with experienced teachers and practical knowledge of the subjects, which will help your child Being fully prepared can help.

2. Indore Public School

Indore Public School is one of India's leading co-educational English medium residential cum day schools, recognized and affiliated by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for 10+2 pattern of education. The school was managed by an autonomous society established on 6th July 1987. Indore Public School believes that every child can learn and succeed. Furthermore, they provide a student-centered, values-driven education that helps their students come to school, pursue their passion, and succeed.

The school also provides excellent sports facilities in football, basketball, cricket, judo, rifle shooting, gymnastics, tennis, handball, swimming and horse riding. They specifically focus on each child and value their special talents, abilities, interests and learning needs. Hence, through the hands-on learning experiences at IPS School, students will grow into active learners, dynamic leaders and enterprising citizens who make India proud.

3. Delhi Public School, Rau

If you are interested in sending your child abroad for good education or your child is exceptionally good in academics or sports then DPS, Indore is the right choice for your child's education. With their academic and sports scholarship they provide an opportunity to study in a prestigious school where quality education is a priority. Exchange programs at foreign schools enable students to spend time abroad and enrich their background by mingling with culturally diverse people. It not only expands your child's horizons but also gives them an opportunity to be future ready.

4. Cambridge International School

Cambridge International School is a coed day cum boarding school, which caters to the educational needs of hundreds of students from Nursery to XII. Cambridge International School has classes from April to March of each academic year. However, their international qualifications are recognized by the world's best universities and employers, giving students a wider range of options in their education and careers. Primarily, as a non-profit organization, they are providing high quality educational programs that can unlock the potential of the learners. Thus, their curriculum is designed for a technically vibrant and energetic student community.

5. Golden International School

Lush green campus, well built sports facilities, laboratories, library, fleet of buses, mess facility, medical facility, Golden International School is replete with all the amenities you could wish for your child on the overall set up, infrastructure and high score Let's imagine in a school. This school is already affiliated to CBSE board, it is aiming to get some international affiliation over the years. Keeping all things in mind, the school is self-sustaining, modern in the use of technology, and has interactive Educomp smart classes going on in the school.

6. Prestige Public School

The name of this school itself suggests that the school has built its reputation with consistently good results and successful alumni count. The school has a world class infrastructure and all facilities. The teachers provide value education to the students to prepare them for the global forums. These include playgrounds, training fields, parks, football courts, basketball courts, cricket grounds and more. The library of this school is also a well stocked one with all the important journals, magazines, and much more. Academically, the school has been regular in producing toppers and JEE Main qualifiers.

7. Indus World School

This school is one of those schools which have got all the honors be it education, sports or cultural, the students here have made a name for themselves in every field. Indus World School has academic toppers, chess toppers and top class athletes. The facilities available in the school are world class. The classrooms are spacious and comfortable to ensure good learning space. The school library has a vast collection of magazines and novels. The 'Robotic-Lab' in association with 'ThinkLabs' is one of the major features here. The AV room is multimedia enabled, allowing for a better learning experience. The school is one of the 18 schools across India as a part of the Indus World Series.

8. Queen's College, Indore

"Education for Life" - The motto of Queen's College objectively describes what the school is all about and the values they instill in the children. Seeking practical knowledge above theoretical and factual knowledge, the school prepares its students for the real world. The school also includes a sound AV room for displaying educational and informational videos.

A major aspect of this school is sports and thus they have basketball, volleyball, football fields to hone the skills of the students. The multi-purpose auditorium is the main attraction of the school where all the important events and programs are held. Apart from a bright academic record, extra-curricular activities are also a major aspect of encouragement. Various clubs like dance, drama, elocution, adventure sports, self-defence, National Cadet Corps are also organized.

9. Army Public School, Mhow, Indore

This school is a symbol of education and knowledge since hundred years. The school aims at making responsible citizens out of its students by inculcating right values and ethics with a disciplined mind. Games are practiced to inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork, various sports activities are encouraged. Physical training is a very important aspect of the curriculum which makes it compulsory for all. The infrastructure is amazing. Despite its ancient heritage, the building is modern. Its legacy makes the school proud. All the facilities are world class to ensure proper development of each child. The entire campus is 100 acres inspired by British architecture, inspired by concrete and greenery.

10. Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar, Vijay Nagar

The school is considered to be one of the oldest schools in Indore and even in India and has a history of providing its students with the best possible education and an increased focus on cognitive and physical development. The school has a traditional approach which ensures that our students are rooted in the cultures and values of ancient times but with a practical blend of modernity so that when a child steps out into the world outside the confines of the school, he/she be ready for With smart classrooms and various e-learning methods, the school ensures a complete understanding of the subjects taught when it comes to facilities and educational technology.
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