When children are young, they mostly grow up listening to moon poems and stories based on the moon. Small children are often very happy to see the white shining moon in the sky. In the darkness of the night, the most different and more shining moon, whose beauty pleases the mind of the children. Children ask many questions to their parents after seeing the moon in the sky and small children are very inquisitive. He does not rest until he gets the answers to his questions. Get other books information only on www.mysarkariresult.co.in

In such a situation, the question arises that what should the parents do? so for that You can tell many stories related to the moon to your children, through which the child's curiosity will also be calm and they will also get answers to their questions.Let us tell you that there are many books based on the stories of the moon, through which he will be able to easily understand every fact related to the moon. These books will not only increase the knowledge of the children, will also keep them busy and along with this they will also develop the habit of reading. These books are for children in the age group of 3 to 8 years. Let us give you an idea about those story books.

1.Took the Moon for a Walk

This book is highly recommended for introducing and explaining the different phases of the moon to children. This book is a fictional story of a child. Through this book the author wants to teach children about the importance of the moon in their lives and how our world would be without the moon. This book gives children knowledge about the moon as well as many other values. Author(s) name - Carolyn Curtis

2. A Peek Through (picture book)

This is a picture book that attracts children with its cutouts and photos. Through this book, you can explain the phases of the moon to children. This book is a wonderful option for increasing the knowledge of children.Author(s) name - Britta Tanketrup

3. The Moon Seems to Change

This is a book that is a simple way of teaching children about the Moon with the help of pictures and photos. In this book, the moon is explained in a very direct and simple way for children.Author(s) Name - Dr. Franklin M. Branly

4. Moon First Friend

Through this book, children have been informed about many interesting things about astronauts and spacecraft. This book tells children how the Earth looks like from the Moon and how life is on it, but the Moon is all alone and there is no life on it while it is at the top of the sky.Author(s) name - Suzanne Leonard Hill

5. Sun and Moon Together

This book will be very beneficial for such children who are eager to know, learn and understand about Sun and Moon. The specialty of this book is that along with giving information about Sun and Moon to the children, a story has also been given on its last page, which proves to be very effective in maintaining the interest of the children till the end.Author(s) name - Ethan Long

6. Sun and Moon

This thing creates curiosity in the mind of the children that how the ball like objects seen in the sky change their color due to which children like to know about them. This book helps kids to get lot of information, also this story is interesting for kids as well as helps them to learn many scientific terms.Author(s) name - Lindsay Yankee

7. Owl Moon

Owl Moon is the story of a girl and her father. Which has been presented very beautifully. In this story the girl goes out at night in search of owls by the light of the moon. In this story the moon is a source of light which helps him to find the owl.Author(s) Name - Jane Yolena

8. A Big Mooncake for Little Star

Grace Lee's book A Big Mooncake for Little Star teaches children about the phases of the moon, which entices them to read more of the book. This story is about a star and the story of Mooncake with her mother. Which can attract kids a lot.Author(s) Name - Grace Lee

9.Whose moon is that

Children are very curious to know about the moon, due to which this story is going to be very much liked by the children. This story will let the kids know about different animals as different animals in this story claim that the moon is theirs only.Author(s) name - Kim Cranso

10. Moon Book

The Moon Book by Gail Gibbons attempts to introduce children to the science of the Moon and Earth.Author(s) name - Gail Gibbons
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